Podcast Coming in 2019

Hey Kingdom goers!

I’m excited to announce that my good friend J.D. Walker and I will be launching a podcast in January 2019! Something like this has been talked about for nearly 2 years, but we’ve never really had the time, energy, or support to push the launch button…

…until now!

So, without further ado… Well, actually there is plenty of “ado” between now and January so here is your exclusive sneak peek!

Why “Hear Ye Kings”?

The name is really quite simple. In history, when a king had a message for his subjects, he would often send a town-crier, sometimes referred to as a herald. The herald would go out to the marketplace or the townsquare (often a densely populated area of business or trade) and begin delivering the king’s message. It usually began with, “Hear ye! Hear ye!”

As Christians, we are ambassadors for Christ (2 Cor 5:20). God is making His appeal through us! It is our privilege and duty to go into all the world, heralding the name of Jesus and His good news. It ought to be us in the townsquare and marketplace shouting…

“Hear ye! Hear ye! The King has a message for you…”

A town-crier knew the dangers of heralding the king’s message. He’d need courage to face the mobs of people who did not wish to hear from the king. He’d need humility, reminding himself that he was but a messenger of the great king. However, he also knew he’d need boldness, clarity, and quite a bit of volume!

So now, as we enter our townsquare; our cities, our neighborhoods, our workplaces, and even our social media platforms — and the mobs of pagan heralds come to faceoff and play “King of the ‘Hear ye!’ Hill,” by the grace of God, as more than conquerors, we’ll take the hill every time!

We’re the “Hear Ye!” Kings

Check it out here: www.hearyekings.com